Book Reviews

“Micky Duxbury has written an interesting, up-to-date book on the beauty and the complexity of families built through open adoption. She has integrated the knowledge provided by other experts in the field with the poignant stories of real families who have been living their open adoptions over several years. This is a book well worth reading and owning; I highly recommend it.”
— Sharon Roszia, co-author of The Open Adoption Experience and Program Manager, Special Needs Adoptions for Kinship Center of Southern California.

“Open adoption is not a trend—it is the wave of the future. Making Room in Our Hearts helps us prepare for that future by providing an ethical and child-centered perspective as it puts a human face on open adoption. You will meet real people revealing, as well as struggling with, the ups and downs of these complex relationships. This book fills an important need by providing adoption professionals, birth and adoptive families and their extended familial networks with a wealth of practical and personal information.”
— Brenda Romanchik, MSW, Open Adoption educator, adoption educator and advocate, and Director of Insight: Open Adoption Resources and Support

“Having been born under the closed adoption system some forty-something years ago, it was a profoundly moving experience for me to read about families—birth and adoptive families—who have come to embrace openness for their children. I believe that the adoption community is moving in a brave and important new direction, and that Micky Duxbury’s book will provide a vital map for families and professionals alike. I am grateful for this work and only wish that it had been the standard of practice while I was growing up.”
— Susan Ito, adult adoptee and co-editor of A Ghost At Heart’s Edge: Stories & Poems of Adoption

“I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Making Room in Our Hearts, by Micky Duxbury so that I could recommend it to every adopting family I have the fortune of consulting with. Never has there been a volume so compassionate, inspiring and informative about why child-centered, open adoption is the correct paradigm for today’s adoptions. Ms. Duxbury understands that openness in adoption is not a quantifiable obligation, but a quality that can be cultivated to reside in the heart of family members touched by adoption.”
— Leslie Foge, MA, MFT, Adoption Psychotherapist and Co-author of The Third Choice: A Woman’s Guide for Placing a Child for Adoption.

“Making Room in Our Hearts is an authentic, inside account of the open adoption experience. It offers an opportunity to listen in as the participants of adoption describe the delights and challenges of their journeys. Openness never shines brighter than when it is expressed in the actual words of those who live it day in and day out.”
— James Gritter, author of The Spirit of Open Adoption, and The Lifegivers: Framing the Birth Parent Experience in Adoption

“This is a wonderful book… and the author seems to have complete control of this often-confusing area of relationships. The topic is covered in a thorough as well as realistic fashion. Duxbury is a skilled writer and has a very friendly writing style that should appeal to the reader….As families become more and more “non-traditional” the notion of openness cannot be stressed enough.”
–Jon Carlson, Psy.D., Ed.D., ABPP, Distinguished Professor, Governors State University

“Micky Duxbury acknowledges fears about open adoption in her newly released book, Making Room in Our Hearts. For skeptical birth parents and adoptive parents, as well as for adoption professionals, the book is a guide into uncharted waters. Duxbury relies on over one hundred interviews, providing the experiences of veterans of open adoption. Most freeing is the validation that there is no one right way to do open adoption; each differs in degree of contact, intimacy and sharing between the families. An open adoption that takes place without a roadmap may leave everyone perplexed. Thankfully, Duxbury has written a roadmap at a time when those on the open adoption journey need this valuable tool.”
— Mary Martin Mason in American Adoption Congress’s Decree; Spring 2007

“Adoptive parent and therapist Micky Duxbury has produced a “must-read” for anyone considering open adoption. Over 150 adoptees, birth and adoptive parents, as well as grandparents who are participants in open adoption – offer their personal stories, along with family photographs, in this readable and well-researched book. Their voices are a genuine testimony to adoption that focuses on the needs of children. “Making Room in Our Hearts” is an appropriate title for a book that speaks with a loving spirit.”
— Judy Norris for PACER, summer 2007